Posted by: Karen | May 18, 2010

Rides 14 and 15

My legs were quite tired from Friday and Sunday’s runs, but I have committed to commuting by bike daily, so I rode. The weather is gorgeous this week, and I was not disappointed. Mayday and crab apple trees are blooming, emitting heady whiffs of sweetness.

Yesterday (Monday, ride #14) I took the new detour around the construction and got to ride on pathways instead of streets most of the way to work. I even tried a route through Centenary Park south west of the zoo and got to detour around more construction. The route was interesting, but not efficient. I just followed the regular pathway home.

This morning I my legs were still tired, but I reminded myself that I don’t have to race to work, just ride. I was still kind of sleepy as I rounded the zoo corner, but was rewarded with the sight of a waking bear yawning on the other side of the fence. It made me smile.

There were thunderstorms predicted for my home commute, and indeed I encountered some rain on the way home, but it had been warm all day. The rain was gentle and refreshing, and I didn’t hear any thunder. I enjoyed splashing through some puddles, and the clean, wet smell of the rain was delicious.



  1. You are doing so well with your biking and I can sense the enjoyment you are experiencing from your commutes.


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