Posted by: Karen | May 14, 2010

Detour Workaround

Yesterday and today I enjoyed bike commutes #12 and #13, for four commutes in one week. I would have biked all five days, but had a dentist appointment requiring me to use my car on Wednesday. I likely won’t cycle a five day week until the first week in June, according to my calendar. Even so, my legs are starting to figure this out, and they’re not feeling so tired at the end of the day.

I still have not managed to get all the way up the 6th Street hill on my bike. Since that heroic effort a couple of weeks ago, when I got as far as only 2 lamp post spans left, I have decided to save my legs and lungs and just get off the bike with 4 lamp posts to go. I’m still breathing very hard at the top, even walking. I might give the 6th Street hill another epic, all-the-way-up attempt later in the season.

I went for an evening run tonight after supper. My legs didn’t mind a bit. I didn’t take a watch, but a friend came along and we had a nice chat. We ran along my bike route, to see if we could find a better detour than the one the City has designated to get around the bike path construction near the Fox Hollow golf course. Sure enough, after a little exploring, we found a short-cut with far less change in elevation than the 6th Street hill. I just have to manage one nasty block of heavy traffic before ducking back through a parking lot onto the pathway again. I’ll try it Monday.


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