Posted by: Karen | May 11, 2010

Bike Commute #11… and Beyond

Today I rode my bike to work for the third working day in a row, and my 11th bike commute this year. Goslings were out on the path in Prince’s Island Park, and I carefully skirted their protective elders on the way in this morning.

I’m not working 365 more days in 2010 – not that good at time management. I’m not even working 200 more days in 2010, BUT…

If I were to ride my bike EVERY SINGLE WORKING DAY between now and the end of October, not including vacations and driving because of occasional appointments, I could theoretically make it to 100 commuting rides, or what one of my employers who cycles to work calls “a century”.

At 16 km a day, that’s 1600 km of bike commuting, or $240 in unused bus tickets. That’s assuming that I am not hampered by extreme weather, injury, illness, parental duties or general wimpiness fatigue. I don’t know if these legs are cut out for riding five days a week. All that riding could make my running feel sucky for a little while too, but I bet after a while my legs will get used to it.

60 is definitely within my reach. 80 will require some discipline, and likely a new pair of capris. 100 rides in 2010 sounds like a challenge.

Ready for bike commute #11

Ready for bike commute #11



  1. After 20 commutes and CAD 45 saved you could splurge on yourself to buy some really nice bike shorts (or rain booties, June is coming up) or anything else that makes your ride comfy. A reward for yourself and an initiative to keep on biking, since you did not buy the gear to let it sit in your closet. AND if you get your body used to the rides every day you’ll want to ride summer and winter,you can not get that fresh air on any bus!


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