Posted by: Karen | April 21, 2010

More Exploring, and a Swim

Sunday morning I did some more off-sidewalk exploring in my new neighbourhood. I was curious as to how hard it would be to run up to Nose Hill Park from my place. Nose Hill Park is it’s own hill, but the surrounding communities all slope up towards it, so it’s a challenge to go visit it on foot. A good thing about living below it is that it’s all downhill on the way home.

On the way to Nose Hill I was delighted to run through Egert’s Park, a beautifully groomed, large green space I had not known about before. It was a gorgeous day, and there were a few others strolling about. There were a couple of very, very happy dogs bounding about off-leash.

I entered into Nose Hill Park through one of the four tunnel entrances under 14th Street. Going through the tunnels alone always creeps me out, but this was mid-morning on a Sunday; there were lots of other hikers and dog walkers nearby.

I didn’t get far into the park, as my time was limited, but I did get far enough up one side of the plateau to admire several fuzzy, purple wild prairie crocuses. They are a special spring flower that my mom always took me to see when I was a kid. I was worried that with this warm spring that I had missed seeing them, but there they were. Egert’s Park on the way to Nose Hill had me grinning hugely already, but the crocuses made me smile even more. I would have stayed up there longer, but I was running late and had promised my Little Mermaid a swim at the pool.

On the way back I bounded down through a narrowing green space between streets that felt kind of like an alley with all backyard views, but wasn’t. It spit me out on the busy thoroughfare of McKnight and I had to run a couple of blocks on concrete before working my way back to alleys and green space again.

After the run I quickly changed and grabbed a snack, and the kiddo and I headed off to a pool we hadn’t tried before. It was very similar to the one we usually go to, but closer to our new home. We hadn’t been swimming since the move, so it was good to be back in the water.

I’m looking forward to more exploring and more swimming next weekend.


  1. How long was your run on Sunday morning? You sure are getting to know your new neighbourhood in a fun way! Have you been out biking with Little Mermaid?

  2. Sounds pretty good. Happy exploring.


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