Posted by: Karen | April 15, 2010

Sweeping Gesture

Attention: City of Calgary, Parks & Recreation:

I would like to graciously thank whoever it was that swept all of the gravel off Calgary’s Nose Creek bike path under the bridges. This made my bike commute #4 today ever so much nicer, and I truly appreciate it. It almost made my climb up the agonizingly steep 6th St. N.E. detour around the closed bike path portion bearable.

No, I have not made it all the way up the 6th St. hill on my bike yet. I did make it up one lamp post further than I got to last week. I think I have about 4 more lamp posts left to conquer on that hill. I did cheer on one cyclist in orange, who crested the hill riding as I just about topped it walking. He encouraged me back.

I will really appreciate it when someone sweeps all the gravel off the shoulders of 6th St N.E.  I will really REALLY be grateful when the bike path opens again. Why is it closed until July?


  1. Hi Karen,

    Bobbi and I were thinking of you this week and wanted to see how you were doing!

    natasha and bobbi


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