Posted by: Karen | April 14, 2010

Ah, Spring

Monday it was below freezing. Tuesday there was snow. Today there was such a blustery wind that the street in front of my office had to be shut down due to loosened metal siding flapping about several stories up on an office building. Excuses, excuses…

I bought bus tickets instead of a pass this month, with plans of riding and running more on my commutes. This week I have used the cold, snowy, windy weather as an excuse to take the bus again so far this week, but it’s only Wednesday – there’s still hope.

I did actually run Tuesday, just not on my commute. I was to meet a new runner at lunch, but she canceled, so I ran on my own. I had two afternoon meetings scheduled, so couldn’t push the lunch window like I sometimes do, but it was still a good run. I made every step count, and even found a couple of puddles.



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