Posted by: Karen | April 11, 2010

Raced the Bus

Wednesday I didn’t run or bike to work, as I had a much-postponed dentist appointment scheduled, which required covering too much distance to be practical on my bike. I made up for taking my car by picking up some groceries on the way home.

Thursday I rode the bus to work and brought my shorts and other running gear in order to run home, but I should have checked the weather forecast. A nasty blizzard hit us late in the afternoon and I decided that running home in shorts was a dumb idea. Back home I went on the bus. As it was, I got soaked in the short walk home from the bus.

I was not to be denied my run, however, so on Friday I brought warmer running gear and ran home. I had originally planned on riding my bike Friday, but there was a lot of thick ice resulting from Thursday’s blizzard still on the ground Friday morning, plus I feel I need to get the run training in more than cycling right now.

By the time I left work Friday, there were blue skies and Thursday’s ice and snow had mostly melted along my route. I ran and walked north over the river on Center Street, and took a steep path up east of it to the tennis club.  There was a boy learning to skateboard, with a man gently coaching him: “Little steps. You’ll get your balance. Little steps.”

I headed north on 2nd Street. It was delightfully residential, with grassy, treed boulevards, and far enough between the busy streets to be peacefully quiet. It was so quiet I could hear the strong west wind whistling through my ears. I ran on grass instead of concrete when possible, and happily hopped over bits of spring debris. I am looking forward to when the grass will start green up any day now.

I blasted down the big hill with a big smile on my face. The most direct route goes through an industrial retail area, so it is all gray with concrete and dust, but the perfect grade of descent for several minutes makes it absolutely worth it. At some point when I want to lengthen my run home I might detour to find a gentler, greener descent.

In the flat at the bottom with about 5 minutes to go, the bus I might have taken home passed me. It had to wait at a major intersection half a block ahead, so I pushed the pace and caught up to it. Ha. It pulled ahead again when the light turned green for both of us, but had to stop to let off a passenger. I surged ahead of it again and kept going hard to see if I could beat it to my stop. It passed me, but ho! it had to wait behind five cars for another red light. I pulled up past it a second time. I had a head start when the light turned green, but the bus still beat me by about 30 seconds. I grinned anyway. It was a fun way to finish up.

I was a little chilled when I got home, but I had some weekend plans that couldn’t wait. I quickly changed and snagged Little Runner for a quick burger before buying paint at the hardware store. With the help of friends and my teenage son yesterday, my place is now half-painted with a cheery butter yellow and some blueberry blue (instead of boring old taupe).



  1. Good job on the run home Karen! This is a great to manage your time and get your run in! The next time you will beat the bus!


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