Posted by: Karen | April 6, 2010

Bicycle Commute #3

Monday I rode my bike in to work again. It was a little colder out this time, so I wore my son’s ski gloves and wrapped my feet in plastic bags under my shoes. I don’t have cool neoprene booties yet, but this trick helped somewhat. I wore my triathlon shorts under my leggings.

This time I set a goal to make it at least half way up the monster hill. I nearly made it to the lamp post I’d chosen, but I sucked wind big time as I walked the rest of the way up. Just ahead of me I saw one cyclist make it all the way. It particularly stung my ego when, as I put my foot on the ground in resignation, a grinning girl on a moped zipped up past me. At least it was a red moped. I like red.

Monday’s commute home was wonderful. It had warmed up, so I just stashed the leggings in my backpack and wore the tri-shorts home. I’m getting a little better at shifting with this bike, and the confidence feels good.



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