Posted by: Karen | April 3, 2010

Summer Race Planning

I have held back a lot due to finances and trying (unsuccessfully) not to tick off my spouse when planning summer races over the last several years. This year I have a fair amount of freedom and even some cash, so I’m thinking of doing some 5 Peaks races in July, August and/or September.

Up for consideration are:

* Chikakoo 14k July 17
* Sundre 11 km July 24
* Cooking Lake 16.2k August 28
* Devon 14.3 km or 21.1ish km September 25

I might even go as far as training for a Death Race relay spot (August long weekend), if I can get my spring training back on track and can find a team crazy enough to take me by June 1. It’s the race’s 10 year anniversary and my 10th year of running, but committing to that today would be jumping off the deep end (minimum distance 19 grueling mountain km). I need to work up some courage and mountainous mileage for that. I might be able to volunteer, eh?

All of the above involve considerable driving time of about 2 (Sundre) – 6? (Grande Cache) hours, so logistics will depend on the condition of my car,  friendships with others willing to car pool, and my ability to obtain enough time off at work.

My true love is trail running. Not ultra-trail-running, just trail running. Triathlon is neat, but I think I enjoy just riding and swimming for their own sake, not combining them into one race. I’ll ride the commuter bike to work and haul Stretch out for fun on random weekends. Weekly swimming sessions will resume soon (this month. yes. because I said so.), but more as a form of stress-release.

In the meantime, while deciding on those races, I have committed to the K-100 Leg 1, which is 18.4 km uphill (June 17) and am this close to registering for the 5 Peaks COP on May 22 (what’s my registration i.d. again?).


  1. Yeah! Karen is back on track planning races. That’s the spirit and the way to go girl! Good job!

  2. Go Karen!!!

  3. Correction: The K-100 is June 19. I mixed the date up with July’s Chikakoo race.

    I think I HAVE to do the Chikakoo just because it has such a wild name.


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