Posted by: Karen | February 1, 2010


Runner Number OneThis June, I get to run the first leg in the K-100 Relay for our team named “Farts in the Wind”. The first leg of the race is 18.6 km of gradually ascending road, with a hill at 14 km to keep things interesting. After that I get to cheer on the team the rest of the day.

This is going to be fun!



  1. Farts in the wind, that is a team for me!

  2. Hi. I did one of the legs in the k-100 two years ago. Lots of fun, and the fact that bears were in the vacinity made me run faster.

    PS – How do I join your running ‘group’? I live in Tuscany, and a ‘group’ would help me to get outside and run… I plan on doing a 1/2M in summer.


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