Posted by: Karen | January 31, 2010

Running Buddies

I enjoyed two nice runs this week, one on Thursday at lunch with Ryan from the Start Line. I’d like to say the Start Line Group, but so far our group is just a few at most. Ryan’s training for a duathlon in June and figures lunch running is a good way to work training into the week. It works for me, too.

So far I don’t have any big running goals for the year, but I am signed up for a K100 relay team, “Farts in the Wind”. We haven’t chosen which distances we’ll run yet in the June race, so I need to be ready for anything. It’s time to buckle down and get some consistent training in.

This morning I met Andra for a nice run on the river pathways across from Edworthy Park. It was chilly as we ran under pixie-dust snowfall, but the wind was gentle and we had a great chat. Towards the end we met and were passed by some large running groups. I recognized a few runners and smiled at a few more. It was good to be out there.



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