Posted by: Karen | January 24, 2010

Another Perspective of XC Running: Video

Trev Williams has added another dimension to reporting our XC races this season by strapping a camera to his head. This weekend’s 8k race at 12 Mile Coulee is posted here: 12 Mile Coulee XC Jan. 23rd 2010 from Nerd Williams on Vimeo.

For those who might like a running commentary of it from this end of the peanut gallery: Trev’s camera is on the right, Carl’s is on the left.

Everybody begins along a big icy, bumpy ridge. Trev heads down a huge descent between 8 & 9 minutes. Trust me, it’s a lot steeper than it looks. After that he’s in the coulee on nicely hard-packed snow. At around 10 minutes the single track takes him up on the edge of a high river bank and the dipsy-doodling starts. Trev passes the last front-runner (who was way ahead originally) up on the ridge again at around 22 minutes. Trev zips back down into the coulee at 25 minutes.

At 25:37 we see someone running in a very familiar set of neon pink leg warmers, matched to a pink leopard print pair of boxer shorts – Oh hey that’s the Pink Chick! He catches Nikayla at 25:53. That’s Greg’s bright orange toque at 32:35.

Barry directs him up the steep ascent to the finish at 32:16. The video plays very appropriate music for where I am in the race at this point, because right then I am just out of sight, turning off on my second loop: “O-o-oh, we’re half way there, whoa-oa! Livin’ on a pra-ayer…” At 34:21 – 34:22 Barb and I just barely escape being lapped at the far right of the screen.

Trev finishes and at 34:50 my buds from the 10k group (who did the 4k) give him a cheer.

Carl descends into the coulee between 11-12 minutes. At 16:40 someone just ahead of him wipes out on the frozen creek. Liesbeth and I nearly collided when we got there later, as I saw the ice and slowed, but she didn’t and nearly ran me over. Carl plows up through the end of his first lap at around 23ish minutes. Derek alerts him to a soft sinkhole of snow at 24 minutes as he heads into the 2nd loop.

Carl wipes out up on the ridge at 27:36. Runners go by as he ices his ankle with some snow. He gets himself up and hobbles back along the ridge without finishing the rest of the course. Aw. Heal up quick, Carl.


  1. What a race report! It sounds like there was lots of slipping and sliding and fun going on! I think it is great the weather doesn’t hold you back! You go girl! Will you be celebrating when you do your 50th?

  2. Sounds wild, and crazy challenging (I mean fun.) I’m going to click over to view the video. Thanks!


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