Posted by: Karen | January 13, 2010


Contrary to my earlier post about the sunfish, I had run since the Silver Springs race. On one of my days off before Christmas, December 22nd, I dropped off the Little Runner at a friend’s and went for a nice, snowy run on the Jack Rabbit trail by the Glenmore Reservoir. It was chilly, but the single track trail is mostly sheltered with big trees. I ran the roller-coastery trail out and back for about an hour.

After that I didn’t run again until January 7th. I wasn’t injured, just busy with Christmas, and visiting with relatives, and too lazy to bundle up against the nasty cold weather in central Alberta. Even after I returned from the rellies I didn’t run. I went for a second appointment to finish up a root canal at the dentist, and knitted, and avoided blogging. Unlike me, I know.

January 7th I brought my running stuff to work and ran at lunch. It was -18*C, so I kept a brisk pace from the start. About 10 minutes from leaving my office I had made it to the curling club hill. I walked up the hill, but then ran back west along the bluff to the goat trails. It’s so cool to have dirt (now snow-filled) hilly trails just across the river from downtown. I went down and up those a couple of times before heading down 10th street, over the C-train bridge and back to work. The run took me about 45 minutes, and I went straight back to work after changing. I should have stretched, because Friday my legs were very stiff and grumpy.

Saturday I didn’t run a lot, but I did cover the course of the Nose Creek XC 4k with Dawn. More on that later.

Yesterday I brought my running gear to work again, but ended up covering the phones at lunch instead of running. Plan B ensued, as Carla had sent round a facebook message to our 10k group asking if we’d like to run outside (instead of in the olympic oval), since it was so nice out. Heck, yeah. I ran 4 x ~700m repeats with Liesbeth on the park path near the Children’s Hospital while the skinny-fasts ran 5.  There was some ice that made it an extra challenge, but nobody wiped out, and it was fun.

I’m bringing my running stuff to work tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get to run again at lunch.


  1. The skinny fasts?? I have to admit they are the fast ones, but aren’t we skinny too?? After seeing a biggest-loser episode again last tuesday I think we can call ourselves skinny too.


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