Posted by: Karen | December 31, 2009

Weather, Shakespeare, Sunfish and a Million Bucks

I haven’t done much running or writing lately. Please bear with me as I pull some random thoughts together.

A friend recently asked why everyone always complains about the weather:

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”
– Shakespeare

I found that quote in an entertaining TED talk by Tierney Thys on giant sunfish.

Sunfish aka Mola Mola

Sunfish aka Mola Mola

I’d never heard about sunfish before, but apparently they eat jellyfish. Did you know 100 grams jellyfish = 4 calories? The average sunfish weighs about 2200 lbs and gets that way by eating jellyfish and lazing around sunbathing.*

Lesson:  It doesn’t matter how “evolved” I think I am, or even if I’m saving the world from spineless masses by eating low calorie food. If I’m eating way too much of it, drifting and spending too much time in the net, I’ll still weigh 1000 kg.

It’s still flipping cold outside and I haven’t run since club night, Dec 17. Now I’m going to change my back bike tire, set up the trainer, and watch Million Dollar Baby from my bike seat. I might even pedal.

*Yes, I realize the mola mola is not a lazy fish; still more incentive to eat less and move more.



  1. Wishing you a Happy New Year, Karen! Hope you get a great running year in 2010!

  2. A friend once said to me “Isn’t it great that we can all share the weather?”. I don’t think he ever read Shakespeare though.

    And the ocean sunfish is one butt ugly fish. 🙂

  3. Correction: I ran the Weaselhead Jack Rabbit Trail for about an hour on Dec 22. I mentioned it on twitter and facebook, but totally forgot to blog about it.


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