Posted by: Karen | November 15, 2009

A Social Week and Food for Thought

Monday night I had a good swim with Liesbeth, Sarah & Todd.  As usual, I don’t know how far I went; just back and forth for about 50 minutes, with short breaks. My flip turns are getting better, but not instinctive yet. I still really have to think them through.

Tuesday evening I showed up with the 10k group for a 4 x 1 mile workout. I was feeling the effects of last weekend’s race, so didn’t push the “speed” part of the repeats at all. Liesbeth kept me running through them as we made the rounds of “Bruce’s Loop” near the Children’s Hospital.

Friday evening I consumed way too much chocolate at a fun party at Sarah’s house, and yesterday I should have tried to run those calories off, but I didn’t.

Impact Magazine Draw Prize

Impact Magazine Draw Prize

Last night I enjoyed visiting with more friends at the Calgary Roadrunners Annual General Meeting. As a co-race directors for one of their races, Jason and I were formally thanked for our efforts. The catered dinner was delicious, the speaker was intriguing, and I won a great big draw prize from Impact Magazine. Thanks, Impact!

Dr. Brown showed us a short film called “Runner”. He spoke passionately about how the film was made, and how the contributions of the Director (Don Owen), the Poet (W.H. Auden) and the featured Runner (Bruce Kidd) all came together to produce a piece of very thought-provoking art. Of course, he couldn’t delve very deeply into the topic in a half-hour after-dinner presentation, but it gave me lots to think about.

I wish I could watch the film again, but can’t find a link to watch it on-line. I did find Auden’s poem used in the film written out on Hugo Schwyzer’s blog, however. Whether you’re a poetry fan or “just a runner”, it’s worth a read.


  1. When do you sleep? You are always so busy. But time is flying so enjoy life while you can. XOX


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