Posted by: Karen | November 8, 2009

Hills and a Headlamp

Thursday night I showed up with my favourite motley crew for a run. I haven’t run much lately, so was happy to have the opportunity to get out with the gang. Only four of us met at the University’s Olympic Oval, but that was enough.

It was a gorgeous night for November, the high earlier that day having reached 20*C/68*F. It was dark and closer to 11*C/53*F by the time we met, so I wore shorts and a long sleeved shirt. I didn’t even bring my mitts or coat. The ground was dry and the wind didn’t pick up until I got home.

I had brought my headlamp for fun. I didn’t really need it, as we’d be running in well-lighted conditions, but I want to get used to the feel of it for when I do need it. As we ran south from the University I entertained Liesbeth by demonstrating the headlamp’s fun colours; red, green, white, blue, white strobe and red flashing, plus it has a rear red light that can remain solid or flash as well. It doesn’t have brake, reverse, or signal lights, though. It was very comfortable to wear. Several times I forgot I had it on.

We headed down to Hospital Hill by the Foothills Hospital and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and proceeded to run repeats. Speedy Sander mentioned he was aiming for four hills, so I set my sights on two, in order to be ready to head back when he and Mike would be.

I was faster than I thought, or Sander took it easy, because mid-workout I realized I could fit in more than two straight hills. I got the bright idea (was that the headlamp talking?) to do a triple after the first climb. A triple involves climbing up 1/3 of the hill, then running down. Then climb 2/3 of the hill and run down. Then climb the whole hill. Oh yes, lots of fun. I even tacked on another half hill towards the end because I had time. I’m not sure where all that energy came from (maybe too much Halloween chocolate), but it felt good.


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