Posted by: Karen | October 22, 2009

McHugh Bluff

Today I took some time out from work for a lunch run. I headed over to the square at Eau Claire first, in case anyone from the Start Line had decided to embrace the day in the same way. I waited 5 minutes and then headed out on my own.

It was a lovely day for a run. The sun shone and I chided myself for bringing a jacket and mitts. I ran along very comfortably in short sleeves. I headed up Center Street Bridge and across McHugh Bluff, where I enjoyed a nice view of downtown and the river.

View from McHugh Bluff

View from McHugh Bluff

Just as I was deciding which dirt trail to take down the slope, I heard someone call my name. A former running buddy, Sylvie, was out on her bike and recognized me. We shared a big hug and a nice chat. After that it was all downhill from there as I bounded down the goat trail into Sunnyside, back across the river, and back to work.



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