Posted by: Karen | October 22, 2009

Confederation Park Relay

Creek Crossing - Photo courtesy of Dawn Henry

Creek Crossing - Photo courtesy of Dawn Henry

This weekend we got to run one of my favourite races, the CRR XC 3 x 4k relay. I know I said earlier that the River Park Classic is one of my favourite races; so is this one. In fact, nearly all of the Grand Prix series are my favourites most of the time, except Nose Hill and Fish Creek, but those are growing on me.

This race is the shortest of the series, with most folks running one leg of not quite 4 km. The course seems deceivingly easy, as it is in a groomed, mowed park. We run on grass more than dirt and there’s only one particularly steep (but mercifully short compared to other courses) hill. I most enjoy the creek crossings, which come close to the end. The first crossing has rocks placed so that you can stay dry if you’re careful. I treat second crossing like a huge puddle and plunge on through.

This year I pushed strong and hard through the whole race, but still ended up with one of my slowest times. There was an extra dip somewhere out there, I think. The ground was damp and the air was chilly, but not really cold. I had two great teammates, Derek and Sander. They breezed through the course and we had a great time.

I had two bowls of soup afterward; one of Derek’s curry zucchini soup, and another bowl of something hearty with beans and peas and carrots in it. Yum. I love “soup races”.



  1. What a great photo! It looks like you are walking on water! You are hard core running races like these! They do sound like fun!


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