Posted by: Karen | October 18, 2009

XC = Cross-Creek

2009XCRvrPk190, originally uploaded by Dawn – Pink Chick.

I splashed through this stretch of water twice at the Calgary Roadrunners River Park Classic XC race a couple of weeks ago. Well, I splashed through some of it. A few yards of it were up to my knees with a current over slick big rocks, so I was more careful there.

It was a chilly day and I’d seen airborne snowflakes enroute to the start, but we layered up before and after the race. For a laugh, I donned my swim goggles and joked that I should have brought my wetsuit. We got to run a nice warm-up loop before hitting the water, so it felt quite refreshing by the time I got there.

On the way out we got to climb up that steep bank on the other side, then worked our way left and right through the park, up to the top of the valley, and across a ridge. I high-fived Little Runner who was course marshaling with a friend, and screamed down the dirt path back to cross it again.

After that fun I settled in for the second loop, which involved a nice tree-lined loop through crunchy leaves and a challenging climb up to a plateau. I ran a loop around a meadow about the size of a football field, and then it was all down hill from there to the finish.

I felt strong and pain-free. It was my 43rd CRR Grand Prix race in a row, and I was 43 years, 34 days old. I was aiming for 43 minutes, 34 seconds, but contented myself with 46 minutes, 13 seconds.

Dawn the Pink Chick took this shot and has more photos of the race on her flickr site.


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