Posted by: Karen | September 20, 2009


One of the best things about autumn running is that all that slogging I put in over the summer finally pays off. When I’m running in warm weather it always feels like so much work to get through a run, but take that same fitness and effort into a perfectly cool, breezy day and I feel nearly invincible.

Today I ran my usual route of single track dirt paths through the doggy parks near home. It had rained earlier in the morning, but by the time I got out the precipitation had ceased and there was only the cool wind to whip my face and hone my focus. I didn’t run up every hill, but I ran up several that I usually walk, and felt stronger for longer than I usually do.

Upon entering one of the parks I was greeted by a huge, golden german shepherd with a lolling grin. He bounded up the hill beside me and his owner at the top said “I think he wants to run with you.” I grinned back “They all do!” I don’t think I’ve ever run across a grumpy dog in that park. They’re all just so happy to be off leash.

On the way back I ran through some gravel alleys that still held puddles. I jumped in a few for fun. We haven’t had much rain this year. I must enjoy the puddles before they all freeze over.

After the run I ate some leftover pizza and then set to baking. I filled the cookie jar, made bread, and cooked up a beef burgundy in the slow cooker.

The Little Mermaid was very patient while I played domestic diva in the kitchen, so we headed to the pool for an hour before dinner as a reward.

Good run, good food, good time with the kiddo this weekend – I’m going to sleep well tonight.



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