Posted by: Karen | September 20, 2009

Bubbles and Curly

Tuesday I was on my own for a lunch run, so I covered a slightly different route from the usual. Near Prince’s Island Park I settled in behind a couple of runners I thought I would try to keep up to, whom I nicknamed “Bubbles and Curly”. Bubbles had a tank top with a bubbly pattern, and curly had a big thick curly ponytail.

Bubbles and Curly were faster than I initially thought, but I did my best to keep them in sight as they headed up up up the Center Street bridge. I lost them near the top, but they’d served their purpose, which was to pull me up the hill.

I thoroughly enjoyed the run back down the satisfyingly steep Curling Club hill, along the south side of the river, and across the 10th St C-Train bridge before heading back to the office.

It was the first run I’d done on my own, at my own pace, since the Alberta Challenge triathlon back in August. It felt good.


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