Posted by: Karen | September 8, 2009

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Worldskills 2009 Pastry Competitor

Worldskills 2009 Pastry Competitor

Little Runner and I enjoyed having a fair amount of time to ourselves this long weekend. We went to Worldskills on Saturday morning, and marveled at the arts of pastry chefs, cooks, restaurant servers, electricians, florists, dress makers, pipe fitters, manicurists, mechanics, etc. I didn’t get pictures of everything we saw, but I put a few up on my Flickr site if you’re interested.

The wedding dresses being made for auction were a big hit with her, as was the mechanitronic jellyfish near the heating, plumbing and refrigeration exhibits. She wasn’t interested in the Canadian Pipe Trades pavilion until I pointed out that they were letting kids braze with acetylene torches – totally tubular! She really likes the big map of the world we received at the Heidelberg booth.

Sunday morning we headed to the pool, where Little Runner is transformed into Little Mermaid. She did her first somersaults in the water, which is quite a feat for her. We found another new way to trust the water – she tried diving under the water on her belly from standing on the bottom. LR doesn’t swim or even float much yet, but bit by bit through play she is learning to trust her own buoyancy.

The rest of the weekend she played with neighbourhood friends in our house and theirs, while I tackled some long-overdue decluttering.


  1. I wonder what he used the hair dryer for.

  2. Good for you both. I plan to declutter my mind for a couple of weeks! XOX


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