Posted by: Karen | September 1, 2009

Too Nice Out to be Inside

Tonight I got to ride with the Cyclo Bellas again. We did close to the same ride as a couple of weeks ago, only one of the other Bellas and I took a slightly shorter loop and the faster ones caught up with us later.

We had a blast zipping down Springbank Road. I got up to 60k/hr before my “what-ifs” got hold of the brakes. The climbs were good for me. Hills build character, eh?

Earlier today when I mentioned I was going to ride tonight, an un-athletic friend of mine remarked “But… I thought your race was done. You have another one?” Hey, I don’t just train to race. I race because I like to train.

It’s more than an event, it’s a lifestyle.



  1. They just don’t get it. It’s mind boggling to some that we actually LIKE being active. Go figure.


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