Posted by: Karen | August 26, 2009


Yolanda asked me what’s next on my list, now that I’ve done my big race for the year. I’m not sure what challenge I will dream up for myself next, but it won’t be an increase in triathlon distance anytime soon.

My mom has always said I could do anything I set my mind to. The older I get, the more I realize how true that is.  I’m not entirely sure why I set my mind to achieving these kinds of things, but the pros outweigh the cons so far.

Last year it was the Moose, but that took a couple of years to achieve. Mind you, so did this olympic tri.

I might hang out with the Cyclo Bellas and see what a cycling race is like, or try some longer rides in groups. That kind of riding is a totally different focus from triathlon cycling, but my bike will manage.

I saw a sign advertising a water polo league this morning. I shook my head, mostly because for a few seconds I had actually considered it! I enjoy lap swimming in the pool, maybe I will just stick to my Monday night aqua therapy as an end to itself.

It would be very cool to try an adventure race someday, but that might be totally out of my league at my penguin level of fitness. Adventure races and triathlons cost a lot in entry fees compared to running. Triathlon is not just a race, it’s a lifestyle, eh?

Maybe I’ll go back to orienteering with with the Little Runner next year and throw in a 5 Peaks trail race for fun. I don’ t have to have a humongous goal every summer, do I?

This XC season with the Calgary Roadrunners will be my 5th in a row in my ongoing Iron Person (perfect attendance) Streak. 8 more races until I hit 50 of those in a row. Race #43 is October 3.



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  2. SO-O-O much fun stuff to do! so-o-o-o-o little time…

    Not sure you want me to ski with a gun.



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