Posted by: Karen | August 20, 2009

3 More Sleeps

… until the Alberta Challenge triathlon this Sunday! I should pack. and practice some transitions. I think I’ll do laundry first. Dawn and I are driving up with Little Runner tomorrow. ROAD TRIP!

I put in a couple of workouts this week. Monday evening I swam with Liesbeth and Karin again. It was a hot day and I was very tired after work, but the pool was very refreshing. Since I hadn’t really swum in two weeks, I felt very strong and enjoyed it thoroughly. For some more fun I even did some laps with flippers, and the leg-float-thing.

Tuesday night I rode out with the Cyclo Bellas from the top of Edworthy Park, up through Cougar Ridge and out onto the west-facing slopes on the edge of town. There was a really big hill climb (which we prefaced with an exhilarating downhill), but I didn’t have to walk any of it. I felt kind of old and slow, creaking up behind the pack, but then, I’m used to bringing up the rear at run club – this wasn’t much different.

The ride was a great workout. I wouldn’t have pushed that hard or tackled that kind of ride on my own this week, so it was good to have the group for inspiration and confidence. I learned that descending while braking, signaling, and turning left even in light traffic is a tricky feat of concentration and coordination on a road bike. No wipeouts, though.

I’m going to see if I can get someone to tweet updates during my race, so if you think of me and are on-line Sunday morning, check my blog sidebar, facebook or twitter page and cheer me on!



  1. Good luck with your triathlon on Sunday! And a road trip…such fun for the three of you!

  2. Your going to ROCK the race Karen! Have FUN!!!

  3. Have a blast sunday. You’ll do so great!


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