Posted by: Karen | August 19, 2009

A Week in the Hoodoos

Milk River near Writing-On-Stone
Milk River near Writing-On-Stone

Last week Hubby and I took the kids to Writing-On-Stone for a little camping vacation. We brought two tents, a raft, more inflatable floaty things, and a bunch of gear.

Our bikes stayed at home. By the time we’d gotten everything else packed up in our two cars, Hubby was not inclined to mount the bike carrier on the car and I valued my marriage too much to insist.

I ran twice while we were there. On the Tuesday it was too hot, but I ran around 10k along the paved highway. There are a lot of great dirt trails through and around the river canyon, but I had been warned that the rattlesnakes are prevalent this year, so I played it safe on the road.

Thursday it was pleasantly cooler with a very light rain which felt nice but didn’t get me very wet while I ran. This time I turned onto the rolling gravel road, which was lined with hundreds of brown eyed susans. The rolling nature of the road and the barbed wire fence along it reminded me of a sea serpent as it stretched into the distance. I ran for about 1 hour 20 minutes. Both runs involved a steep climb up out of the river valley before I got to the roads.

I didn’t really swim, but I did enjoy the river a fair bit. The camp site is in a little bend in the river, and if you get into the river near the playground at one end, you can merrily float around the corner to the beach, 15-20 minute ride.

This year the water was relatively warm and there were few spots deeper than my waist near camp. I floated down several times, sometimes on a floaty chair or an air mattress, a couple of times in just my bathing suit or wetsuit. One day we put a couple of teens in the raft further upstream and let them float back to us for an hour.

One very hot afternoon I needed to pick up supplies in the town of Milk River, so the kids and I visited the outdoor pool there for a couple of hours. Aside from one elderly grandpa, I believe I was the only adult in the pool. I didn’t get to swim laps, but we had a lot of very active fun.

We hiked in the hoodoos a few times. Climbing and freaking out at my kids perched on high cliffs and hoodoos counted as really good cardio.


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