Posted by: Karen | July 31, 2009

Social Web Geek Stuff

Folks, bear with me on a bit of technical social web talk. Try not to roll your eyes right away, and pay attention.

First, I figured out how to work twitter and facebook from my the web browser function on my phone, but it takes browser time and I’m not sure how that affects my long distance bill when I’m out of my area code. Plus it often comes up with Parser errors, is fiddly, and I have to waste time typing in usernames and passwords. Ick.

Then I figured out how to update my status by sending a simple text – very fast, painless, and cheap! Since my phone is not on a registered twitter provider, I can’t actually receive others’ tweets on my phone (I’d silence most of them anyway).

I saw you roll your eyes, there.  Stop that.

Updating my tweets from my phone also updates the twitter widget in my blog sidebar (scroll down, it’s on the right). When I leave on holidays and for my triathlon I’ll set it up to transfer my tweets to facebook too. I’ll have Dawn or my Mom text updates from my phone as I blast through transitions at my August 23rd triathlon.

Kewl, is it not?

My twitter page:
(you don’t have sign up for twitter to read tweets)



  1. i love all the fun stuff that you can do with twitter. i have my twitter set to update my facebook, too [since i rarely log onto facebook anymore]. i recently added a tweet feature into, so now when i finish a workout, it’ll tweet the workout and also set my facebook status.

  2. Aha! That explains your recent facebook update with your last run’s distance and pace in it. Neat feature!

    I like all the cool people and organizations I can follow on twitter – astronauts, athletes, leaders and interesting thinkers.


  3. Think I need to learn voice mail first, but twittering is next!

  4. I keep forgetting my voicemail password. Text works better 🙂


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