Posted by: Karen | July 28, 2009

Social Swim

Last night I swam with Liesbeth and Karin from the 10k running group. Karin got there first and I’d gotten in only a couple of laps when Liesbeth showed up too. We joked that our lane was for Karin/Karen’s only, but the pool was kind of busy, so we let her in our lane anyway.

We enjoyed visiting and joking in between some laps. I enjoyed swimming a little bit harder/faster for some laps to make up for the chats. Liesbeth mentioned that she wasn’t feeling particularly energetic, but Karin and I understood. L had just flown all the way back from the Netherlands, and boy, were her arms tired.

I had some cramping in my right foot around my fourth toe and the ball of my foot. This happens sometimes, but it’s mild and ignorable most of the time. At the end I was going to play a silly prank on Karin by diving under her and making a funny face, but was attacked by a nasty left calf cramp and missed my window of opportunity.

We headed for the hot tub and ended up with a “see you next week”. Don’t you want to come, too?


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