Posted by: Karen | July 26, 2009

Another Brick

Bit by bit, I am building myself an olympic distance triathlon. Late this morning I went out for a 40km ride on my own. I will be working some group rides into my training in the near future, but this weekend I didn’t want to commit to showing up with others.

It was kind of warm out, but not the hot hot weather we’ve been enduring lately. The skies were mercifully overcast and there was a stiff, cool breeze – perfect conditions! I packed along a water bottle, two Gus, and some Nuun tablets.

I did a crazy thing before I started; I inspected my bike computer’s wires and sensors. Sure enough, the connectors to the main unit had come undone and the back spoke sensor was not lined up with the receptor. Duh, no wonder it hadn’t been registering mileage. I made a minuscule adjustment and voila, numbers!

I rode out to one of my favourite local subdivisions, this time armed with a map of the area and a determination to ride at least 30k or more. I stopped at 30 minutes for a drink and to refresh my memory with the map. At 70 minutes I remembered I should have a Gu, so downed a Vanilla Orange Octane. It tasted great with the Citrus flavour Nuun-drink.

I was feeling strong out there (likely the effect of the nice cool breeze), so played with my speed on the rolling hills. I went fast in the drops on the descents, and stood up while attacking rises (instead of grinding away in granny gears while seated).

I dropped no bottles and had no flats, but I did fall down once again, at the same intersection as 3 weeks ago, this time on the way home. I was in a different corner of the intersection (on the sidewalk, thankfully), and I did manage to clip out my feet before landing. Still, I landed in a sprawling split atop my bike. I looked about as graceful as a giraffe losing traction while trying to sip from a hole in the ice.

I got home in about 1:55 with 41.74 km showing on the computer. I downed another Gu (mint chocolate, my fave!) before collecting Little Runner and heading out on a 15 minute run. She rode her bike and mercifully waited for me at corners.

We somehow ended up at the 7-11, a km away (we took the long way there) and I negated most of my calories burned that morning with a “recovery fudgesicle”. It was delicious. On the way home we admired a fantastic hopscotch someone had drawn, with 320 steps.


  1. Nice job on the ride! Sounds like you will be in good shape for the Alberta Challenge!!!


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