Posted by: Karen | July 25, 2009

Brick (Ride + Run)

Thursday morning I took myself out on the highway for 85 minutes on “Stretch”, my bike. The highway out near New Norway has a nice, wide, clean shoulder and gently rolling hills. It was nice that the construction crews were elsewhere when I was out riding on their fresh new pavement.

I didn’t see much wildlife, but the air smelled of blooming clover, alfalfa and canola. One can nearly go blind by looking directly at a neon yellow canola field, but it sure livens up the landscape. I saw one gopher and a grasshopper. There were lots of semi’s out on highway 21, but the drivers were generous with my space. I’m told truck drivers count as a form of wildlife.

I had no flat tires, and only dropped my water bottle once. I tried out E-Load powder in my water bottle and a very warm Orange Burst Gu at 45 minutes. They worked pretty well.

It was a hot day with a nice breeze. After a quick stop to change shoes and headgear I took a 15 minute jog around a country block, to make the workout classify as a “brick”. The heat and humidity combined left me covered in slimy sweat, but it felt good to have gotten out and done it.



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