Posted by: Karen | July 22, 2009

Short One

I’m taking a few days off work, so this morning I slept in a little, tidied up a little, and took a nice 35 minute trail run through the hilly doggy parks in my neighbourhood. The summer wildflowers were many and beautiful. I saw wild roses, brown-eyed susans, daisies of different kinds, and lots of pretty bluebells.

Then I tidied up some more around the house – it’s been in quite a bit of disarray since the Robert Hamilton race two weeks ago and my tri-training since hasn’t left me much energy or time to put away race supplies, training gear and of course laundry.

I know, it doesn’t sound like a very restful day off, but it will all pay off in the long run (ha. pun intended).

I’m heading back up north for a few more days. Hopefully I can get in some more tri-training in between knitting and visiting with family. I might even check out the Alberta Challenge course.



  1. i didn’t know susan had brown eyes!


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