Posted by: Karen | July 21, 2009

Milk River’s Bonanza Day Road “Race”

I received my annual notice of the Milk River Bonanza Day road “race” today. This is a very fun, friendly, 5k & 10k foot race in a very small town just north of the Montana border. When my family and I camped at Writing on Stone park near there in 2006 I sneaked out of my tent early in the morning to race it, and I’ve enjoyed pleasant memories of it ever since.

Milk River Road Racers 2006

Milk River Road Racers 2006

The run is still on this year, although the 10k route will be altered due to highway construction. I won’t be able to make it back again this summer, but still hope to return to it someday. I’m glad Wendy keeps me on the mailing list. I really like the simplicity and friendliness in how it’s run, and hope the tradition keeps on going for many many more years.

In case you’re interested in going yourself, the 2009 MRBD RR is Saturday, August 1, at 8 a.m.  at the intersection of main street and Highway 501 (marshall in front of tee’s ‘n jeans store) . The $20 fee  includes

“the opportunity to be with friends as you exercise your feet, choose a t-shirt, wear a Bonanza Day button for a pancake breakfast, enjoy our outdoor swimming pool – and all the displays plus the parade at 11 a.m. – and fireworks at night.

Looking forward to seeing you – and all you can bring with you – on Saturday, August 1.”

You likely won’t find a link to this race online anymore, but you could just show up early on race day to sign up (don’t try to pay with VISA).  If you’re thinking of bringing a lot of friends, I’d suggest you give Wendy a little notice by contacting the Town of Milk River and asking for Wendy-the-Bonanza-Day-Race-Director, or write me a comment and I’ll be happy to pass your email on to her.


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