Posted by: Karen | July 20, 2009

Count to 30: Ah, Ah Ah!

The Count of Sesame Street

The Count of Sesame Street

Finally, I did a swim workout where I was coherent enough to keep count of the laps. It took me about 45 minutes to do 30 laps in the 25 meter pool. The olympic distance tri I’m signed up for next month begins with 1500m of swimming, and I’d like to complete that in under an hour, so I’m laughin’!

This 45 minutes included infrequent tiny rests at the ends, 3 laps of breast stroke, dodging the occasional child, deciding to move over 3 lanes into an empty one, and still occasionally dodging another child. It also included saying hi to Karen G (a runner from the 10k group) in the middle of lap 24, as she came to join me at the pool.

Now I’m certain my 1 hour swim workouts have likely been much more than 1500m. I felt really comfortable and steady in the water tonight, and I easily did more cool-down laps in between chatting after completing the first 30.

Time to start concentrating more on the bike. And I should run some, too.



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