Posted by: Karen | July 19, 2009

A Swim in the Fast Lane

Mondays and swimming don’t seem to go well together for me, lately. Back in June, I missed the first one due to an important scouting parent meeting. Then my usual pool was closed for repair. Then it closed early in the evenings for summer hours.

Last Monday I switched pools (how long did it take me to do that? 3 weeks?) and got in a full hour’s swim. I did take little breaks and it was not easy, but I did it.

I began during the public swim, and half way through my workout it became “lane swim”. Suddenly my lane became the Fast lane, and I felt very underqualified. I asked the lifeguard if I should move lanes, and she said “as long as you keep moving, I won’t move you”. It worked for me 🙂

I was pretty tired by the time I finished. So tired, I left my bathing suit hanging up on a railing in the change room! I didn’t realize it until I got home and went to hang it up. Good thing the pool was open late enough for me to go back for it.

Maybe  should swim tonight (Sunday), instead of waiting until Monday.


Later last week  my friend Dianne brought me her wetsuit to borrow. It fits well and I’m excited to try it out, but am not sure where to go. I need to go jump in a lake, and preferably not by myself.

I’ll be up near Miquelon Lake later this week, so might even try the wetsuit out on the actual course, if I can find someone to accompany me in a canoe or something.



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