Posted by: Karen | July 15, 2009

Pannenkoek Run

Last week our Dutch friends stretched the pancake tradition of the Calgary Stampede a bit and had our running group over for pannenkoek afterwards.

I had already run earlier at lunch with one of our Start Liners, but was quite happy to show up with the gang for another jog after work before gathering for yummy food. Most of the group did speed work, but I wasn’t up to it. I had a nice steady run and chat with Sarah and Todd instead.

The pannenkoeken (did I pluralize that right?) were delicious! I had a savoury one with spinach and cheese, and then a plain one wrapped around bananas, ice cream and Nutella. The conversation was great and it was good to share that time with everyone.

I didn’t run or bike or swim the rest of the week. I guess I could have squeezed it in, but I was preoccupied with getting the Robert Hamilton Memorial Race all set for Sunday.


  1. You spelled it right: one pannekoek, two pannekoeken. Since had the plural right, you must have some hidden dutch anchestors!
    It was fun having you all over, we loved it.


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