Posted by: Karen | June 21, 2009

Sundre Sunday

I was not impressed when I woke up to ride at 6 am this morning and it was windy and rainy. Then it poured! and was windy and wet some more, and only started to clear up when it was time to go to the inlaws’ cabin for family Father’s Day fun.

I am not a die hard cyclist yet. I am an emerging swimmer and a crazy trail runner, but still a baby cyclist. I know it could rain on race day, but I’m not willing to ride in it if I don’t have to. Yet.

Oh well, I packed the bike in the car and hoped I would be able to steal a little time for a bike ride in between visits and fishing. It worked.

I spent 73 glorious minutes on the bike this afternoon, riding from beautiful downtown Bergen to Sundre and back (a little over 20k round trip). Highway 760 there is a nice, fairly flat, paved road. It was a cloudy day with a breeze just perfect for cooling me down.

I rode through town and to the hospital before turning around, as I wanted to go out for at least 30 minutes before turning back. There was only one challenging ascent on the way back, about 40 minutes into the ride. There were no potholes, no road debris, no rain, and the traffic was light and friendly. Best of all? No flat tires.

I’m very very glad I brought my bike along to the cabin.

My legs are stiff already, but YAY! it felt good to get out there.


  1. Hurray for you. It sounds like a sweet ride.


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