Posted by: Karen | June 20, 2009

Saturday Stretch

A quiet little thought worked its way up in my mind this morning. It was one of those niggling little thoughts that get louder and brighter as they come into view, kind of like how sirens and lights on approaching emergency vehicles do.

It occurred to me that in the Olympic distance tri I’ve set my sights on later this summer I will be racing for much more than an hour – maybe 4 times that. So far this spring my workouts have taken an hour or less:  Run for an hour, swim for an hour, bike until I get a flat, usually under an hour… and haven’t combined any of them into the same day.

So today I stretched out my run to 75 minutes instead of an hour.  I’ll plan on stretching it a little longer next Saturday, too, and add in a short bike before it.

Little Runner came along on her bike as I ran trails. I brought along a bottle of Gatorade and we shared it as we worked our way over and around hills. Our local parks have dirt trails over and around many of the hills, so she’d head around, I’d go over, and we’d meet on the other side.  A couple of times she stopped at playgrounds while I’d run around or over or down and up a hill one more time.

We made it up to a very high point in a neighbourhood north of us, and Little Runner loved the view. We could see mountains to the west, Canada Olympic Park to the south, and the towers of downtown to the east. It was beautiful.

The second best part (after the view) was all the downhill to home. We whooped “Wheeee!” a lot. It was great. It was a delightfully warm day and I’d brought a few coins with me, so we cooled down with a couple of small slurpees in the last kilometer to home. The last km was a bonus walk after the 75 minutes of running.


  1. I’d definitely recommend bumping your bike volume up to a 40K ride gradually. After each ride go for a quick run afterwards – 10 to 20 minutes max. That should help prepare you for an Olympic distance triathlon.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Leana! Now that I’ve gotten over my fear of flats and have equipment to deal with them, I’ll be on the bike more.



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