Posted by: Karen | June 19, 2009

Busy Week

*Blog Geek Warning*

Wednesday evening I chatted with a blog focus group led by a PhD candidate at the U of C. It was very cool to have someone actually want to listen to us ramble on and on about our blogs. One of the main reason I blog is because I don’t think anyone should have to hear me ramble on about my running and stuff unless they really really want to. I had a splitting headache, but didn’t want to cancel and head home – it was too cool to miss.

*Race Director Shameless Promo*

Last night I paid bills and baked a banana bread for someone’s birthday at work. I had planned to distribute Robert Hamilton Memorial Race flyers to running stores last night, but ended up doing that tonight after work. In case you’re interested, Early Bird registration ends Sunday and the cost of registration goes up $5 after that.

*Bike Geek Warning*

Tonight I also dropped by Bow Cycle for some spare bike tire tubes, a CO2 cartridge inflator thingie and some CO2 cartridges to inflate tires after fixing a flat. I bought the Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus, which can use either threaded or unthreaded cartridges, and works on both presta and schrader valves.

My tires have presta valves, but with this device I can help out fellow cyclists if I ever need to on a group ride. Not that I’ve ever been on a group ride. Not that I’m ever going to get another flat tire out on the road again, now that I’m prepared.

I think if I pack some bandages and update my tetanus vaccination I’ll be all set for anything on the road, eh?

O-o-o-on with the weekend!


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