Posted by: Karen | June 16, 2009

How did that happen?

Last night I went swimming again, as I have been most Monday nights this spring. This is becoming a serious habit. I’m enjoying the swims way more than I thought I would – to the point where sometimes I’d rather swim than run. How did that happen!

Maybe I’m not swimming hard enough to dread the workout. Maybe that’s a good thing. Whatever, last night it just felt good to get in the water and just move through it, just concentrating on my form and breathing.

Today at lunch I went for a nice run downtown with one of our Start Liners. It was a beautiful day for a run, though it was kind of hot and muggy. We walked when we needed to, and ran when we could.

There was a big thunderstorm in the afternoon, but I was working diligently at my desk, so didn’t really mind 😉  By the time I made it home it was lovely out again. The air still smells delightfully fresh.

Tonight I sat out on the deck and knitted. I finished knitting another apple/pear cozy and started on a butterfly washcloth.



  1. Just do it if you think that it is for the better. Just remember that safety is still the priority. Nevertheless, I think that you are able to handle it well so keep it up! ; ) You are wonderful! : )


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