Posted by: Karen | June 5, 2009

Road Trip

I’m looking forward to volunteering at the Banff-Jasper Relay tomorrow. Last year my friend Nancy and I had a blast holding up SLOW signs, hanging out with racers at the post-race party, and playing tourist on the way home the next day.

This year we get to volunteer at two posts, the N12 transition point at the Endless Chain Ridge Road and N15 at Athabaska Raft. We’ll be driving all Saturday morning to get there,  so last night I did something really important; I packed materials for a new knitting project to work on while Nancy drives.

I’ll pack my running shoes, and we are bringing the bikes again this year too. Hopefully the weather on Sunday will be warmer than it was last year and we’ll get in a ride or even a brick (that’s triathlese for ride and run). I’m packing my red mitts and warm stuff, as we’re planning to camp and the night time lows will likely dip to freezing.

Training Note: Last night I ran a pleasant 8k by the river with the 10k group. Liesbeth is now back on Thursdays, and we had a great chat as we ran. It was Davey’s birthday, so we sang him a song and shared hugs.

Jason and I even took a little time to have a small race management meeting in preparation for the Robert Hamilton Memorial Race set for July 12. I’m really looking forward to the new start/finish location at the south end of Shaganappi this year. Registrations are open, and the earlybird fee is only available until June 21. Send me a note if you’d like to volunteer.

I’m reading Will Ferguson’s book, “Beauty Tips from Moosejaw”, in which he quotes Historian Arthur Lower, “Canada is a canoe route”, but as he mulls it over later in the book Will says “Canada is more than a canoe route. Canada is a road trip.  And like any road trip worthy of the name, it is ultimately about freedom in it’s purest form.”

I am very blessed to have the freedom to do all these activities I write about. I’m going to enjoy every minute of this weekend.


  1. On second thought, we’re not bringing the bikes. It looks like it will be too cold to ride. We’ll aim for a hike on Sunday instead.


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