Posted by: Karen | June 1, 2009

60 Minutes in a Row

I swam for 60 minutes in a row tonight. I have never done that before. I warmed up with a couple of laps of breast stroke, and then it was mostly freestyle after that. Every time the wall clock marked a quarter hour I would rest with a lap of breast stroke, and then it was back to freestyle until the next quarter hour came around.

I mixed up the freestyle somewhat:
– breathe to the right for one length
– bilateral breathing on the way back
– breathe to the left for one length (don’t like this as much)
– bilateral breathing on the way back again

I learned that if I extend my right arm way forward and keep my body longer when breathing to the left, it works better and I can breathe more easily.

I remembered how much I love the sound of my own breathing. Breathing is good.

I could not have done this last June. It felt really good to be able to keep going the whole hour. I never once felt like stopping. I’m kind of surprised to admit this, but it actually felt easier than running for a whole hour.

I know that to develop my swimming further I should incorporate some drills and exercises, and I will be doing that soon, but I just wanted to see what it felt like to try for a whole hour at once. I liked it.



  1. You are very passionate. I admire this in a person. Just keep the fire burning inside you! : )

  2. Good for you! See, it works when I’m not around to distract you (although distraction can be nice too). I also had a marvellous swim, I swam on saturday morning. I had only half an hour for the swimming so I swam without stopping to use my time as efficiently as possible. Did 1 km in 30 or 32 minutes, it felt great.

  3. Congratulations Karen, it sounds like your swimming is really coming along! Getting comfortable breathing on both sides is really important, and it sounds like your endurance has really sky rocketed. Nice job!

  4. Go, Karen!


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