Posted by: Karen | May 31, 2009

A Tri-ing Weekend

It may have been marathon weekend for some folks here in town, but it was a training weekend for me.


Yesterday (Saturday) morning I went for a 45 minute jog with Little Runner accompanying me on her bike. When she heard I wanted to run that morning  she put on her bike helmet and pulled me off my computer with nags of “Well? Are we going out now? Let’s go! Where are your shoes?”

There was some walking involved. We stopped to pick a sprig of buffalo beans (wild yellow snapdragons) at one point in the wild hilly park. Once when she wanted to walk along the single track we saw some tiny purple flowers that we would have missed if I’d been running.

It was delightfully warm out, sunny with a playful breeze.


After the run I cleaned up a bit and then we headed over to the pool. I probably didn’t get more than 15 minutes of laps swum, and those were interspersed with playful parenting, but it counts as a swim. We kept it short, because we had guests coming for dinner and wanted to prepare for them.


Last night Little Runner was toodling around the crescent on her bike and asked if I’d join her. I needed to check the new tube I’d put in Wednesday anyway, and what do you know, it was flat AGAIN! Third time in two weeks. I cursed under my breath and very very very thoroughly checked the inside of the tire as I inserted my last tube. Apparently, tire changing is much more efficient and effective when curse words are involved.

After I fixed the tire (all by myself) Little Runner and I took a few laps around the block to make sure it worked okay.

This morning I loaded my bike on my car at 5:30 am. The tire still looked and felt okay. I prayed it would hold for my purposes this morning. I parked in Varsity, near where I would be volunteering for the Calgary Marathon. I was to call the halfway split times out to the racers as they crossed the 21.1km mat. I rode my bike down to the start in Bridgeland (about 40 minutes because I kept trying shortcuts that weren’t) and hung around the start line.

I set the chrono on my watch when the runners started, and then rode my bike back up to my post in Varsity. The ride back to my post was gloriously clear, as I rode on Memorial Drive most of the way to 29th Street. I took the nasty steep hospital hill up towards the University and managed to ride all the way up. I figured if I could run up that monster, I could ride it. So there. Yeah, my legs are exacting payment for that, but it was worth the effort.

I had a lot of fun calling out times for a couple of hours at the “Halfway Party Point”. I high fived Andra and hugged John as they came through.



  1. It sounds like you had a terrific weekend Karen! Yay for Little Runner for getting you out the door too!!

  2. You sure manage to accomplish lots on your weekends! Thank you for the hi-5 yesterday! It was nice seeing you along the route!

  3. Thanks for volunteering for the race. Even though I didn’t see you there (a lowly 10K-er that I was), knowing you were there made me smile. 🙂


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