Posted by: Karen | May 30, 2009

Running Buds Make It Better

I know that most running is not really a team sport (cross country teams aside). The runner is out there on his or her own two legs and there is no ball or puck to pass, no one sweeping the ice ahead of the rock, no one setting up the spike, no one to bat you in from third base. Yet, for social runners like me, having someone there with whom to begin and finish a run is a great inspiration and motivation.

Thursday I showed up with the 10k’ers and managed a nice 5 miles with Carla, Meaghan and Sander. Sander went a little further and caught up to us at the end. I always run a little harder and walk far less when I’m trying to keep up to the 10k Motley Crue group, and I’m grateful for their patience and conversational distractions. Several of them are running in various distances tomorrow. Go out and cheer them on!

Being a blogger and avid user of message boards, facebook and most recently twitter as well, I have more than just local running buddies – I have friends all over the place whose runs inspire me because they write about them, and they hold me accountable to my own running regime, too.

John is one of them, and hooray, he’s running the Calgary Marathon this weekend! It’s his first marathon, and I’m excited to be able to hug him and his bride later today before he tackles the Big One. John and I met on the Penguin Running yahoo list ages ago. We’ve met previously at a couple of other Alberta races, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

Sarah and She Who Makes Waves are a couple more local bloggers I’ve met online and am enjoying getting to know in person. Sarah’s running the Half tomorrow – Andra’s running the full. Wish them well!


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