Posted by: Karen | May 26, 2009

What value does blogging hold for you?

If you blog in Calgary, Georgia Gaden would like to talk to you. Check out her Ph.D research project, Thinking About Value in the Blogosphere.

I signed up. Hope I can make it to a focus group meeting when she sets the times.

Until then, what do you think of her research angle? What values do we share in terms of quality and success? Do our principles for good blogging translate into good living?

You don’t have to be a Calgary blogger to comment on this topic here in blogland – I’d be interested to hear what you think, wherever you are.

For the record, I heard about Georgia’s study from @yycblogs on twitter. While you’re checking that source, look up their new Calgary blog aggregator, yycblogs.



  1. One of the biggest values I’ve discovered in four-plus years of blogging is not just “meeting” people online but also meeting them in person — something I know would not happen otherwise. There’s really something to this networking thing.


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