Posted by: Karen | May 26, 2009

Dishrag Swim, Recovery Run


Sunday morning I took Little Mermaid (aka Little Runner) to the pool. I got in a few laps here and there, but mostly we just hung out doing fun things. She gets argumentative when we do things together sometimes, but at the pool when things get tense I can just go swim a lap and come back.

Last night (Monday) I had to work late on a proposal (which we delivered today, hurray!), so had a very late dinner of linguini alfredo with the hubby and Little Runner before heading to the pool. Lane swimming isn’t open at that pool until 8:30 pm anyway, so I had time to get there.

I met with Liesbeth and we had most of a big lane to ourselves for a 50 minute swim. After a short warm up I swam for 20 minutes before taking a short break. After that I’d swim for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, mostly front crawl. I used bilateral breathing about half the time. We were the last ones in the pool at 9:30 pm.

By the time I got home I felt like a limp dishrag, but I remembered how it felt to work my running up way back in the beginning and how feeling like that meant progress down the road.


Today I ran through Prince’s Island Park at lunchtime all by myself. The official Start Line class is over now and we raced on Saturday, so I’m thinking everyone took a breather and didn’t feel a desire to come out. I hadn’t actually arranged to meet anyone, but I went to the usual meeting place at the usual meeting time just in case someone else did, too.

No worries, my legs let me know that indeed, I’d raced hard on the weekend, and I did a nice recovery jog & walk for about half an hour before heading back to the office. It was a gorgeous day for it.



  1. Even though Prince’s Island Park can get very very busy over the lunch hour, I still find it to be a nice escape!


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