Posted by: Karen | May 24, 2009

0 for 2 on the Bike

Last weekend and this one my bike experience has been disappointingly flat. Or flatly disappointing, however you want to put it.

Last weekend the weather was finally warming up (yay!) and it was a long weekend here in Calgary (yay!) and I set out on my bike on Sunday morning. I rode up out of my neighbourhood and up up through Arbour Lake, one neighbourhood over. 15 minutes into the ride and at the top of the biggest climb, I noticed my front tire was flat.

I didn’t have any gear to change the tire, because I still hadn’t fixed the carrier under my seat. I didn’t own any cartridges or a portable hand pump to inflate it anyway. Hubby was working – no ride home available.

I commenced a slow jog home in my bike cleats. Even running down hills, running in my bike shoes is like running in reverse high heels. My calves screamed at me after only 500 meters, so I strapped the shoes to the handlebars and went barefoot most of the way back.

Oh yeah, I felt REAL smart, all dressed up in my bike clothes and helmet, running through Arbour Lake in bare feet next to my bike. Lucky for me, Arbour Lake is a very nice, clean neighbourhood with a nice big group of grassy soccer fields on my route home.

15 minutes uphill & out on the bike, 40 minutes downhill to home.

Fast forward to one week later:  This afternoon Little Runner’s neighbourhood buddies and their dad were heading down to Bowness Park on bikes, and could she ride along? Well, of course! Could I come?

There was the little matter of fixing my bike tire still (I like riding, hate maintenance). My neighbour helped me with replacing the tube, and we all headed waaaaaaay down Nose Hill Drive to the park.

We dipped our toes in cold, shallow river water and rode from playground to playground. We weren’t in that park for more than 45 minutes when I noticed my front tire was flat aGAIN! Sigh.

I called my husband to come get me and my bike. Little Runner rode back home with her buddies and their dad.

I have to figure out what is wrong with this wheel.



  1. First of all, go buy all your supplies (inner tubes, tire irons, pack, cartridges/pump/whatever) and put them in an under-saddle pack. Carry your phone but DO NOT use it unless you are bleeding. A lot.

    Then, next time YOU change a flat, be sure to run your finger all around the tire on the inside first to be sure there isnt something little like a staple or glass shard piercing the inner tube. Also, when you seat the tire, be sure that your tire iron slides freely all around the rim before you inflate to be sure you don’t create a pinch flat.

    If you rely on someone else to do it, you can bet they’ll do it wrong.

    Happy riding!


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