Posted by: Karen | May 12, 2009

Swam Again

Last night I swam for the third Monday night in a row. Every week my breathing feels a little more natural in the pool.

Last night I concentrated on swimming for 10 – 15 minutes at a time between breaks. After a 10 minute warm up of breast stroke and some freestyle, I mostly swam freestyle the rest of the hour.

I alternated lengths of breathing to the right with breathing bilaterally. Occasionally I tried breathing to the left for a whole length. While I didn’t enjoy it much, I didn’t choke as much as I sometimes do when breathing on that side.

Liesbeth thinks I am swimming faster and better than I did last summer. She said my “dog paddle” is gone 🙂 I haven’t actually counted laps to find out my pace to prove her encouragement, but I do feel strong in the water for longer periods of time so far this spring. Next week I will count laps to get an idea of my pool pace.



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