Posted by: Karen | May 12, 2009

Four Days in a Row

I almost forgot to tell you I rode my bike outside Sunday morning! It was a little chilly, so I wore my bright red mitts over my cycling gloves for most of the ride.

Finally, there is a route between my house and the edge of the city without road construction. Hooray! I still have to ride a stretch of Country Hills Boulevard on an overpass to cross Stoney Trail, but that’s about as close to a freeway as I got. I enjoyed pedaling on the gloriously smooth, clean and quiet  paved roads of Meadow and Aspen Drives. My only obstacles were one mangled hubcap and a couple of stubborn waterfowl.

I rode for a glorious 75 minutes. I could easily have rode longer, but my family had promised me blueberry pancakes at 10 a.m. and I didn’t want to be late. Can’t wait to do it again.

Today I ran with the Start Line group as it began to rain. The program said to bump up from 10 minutes of running at a time to 25 minutes straight. We modified it somewhat to run 12 minutes twice, with a one minute break in the middle. It didn’t rain really hard while we ran together, but as we made our way back to our offices it came down harder. To those who showed up and stuck it out, WAY TO GO! Hopefully you’ll have better weather Thursday.

This makes 4 days of exercise in a row for me – cool. Adding on one bike and one swim per week to my 3 runs/week  increased my weekly exercise session count by 2/3 without much trouble. I like it.



  1. Sounds like you’re definitely out of the winter doldrums and enjoyed all that excess energy. Could I grab some when you’re done? I’m beat.

  2. I think there is plenty leftover for you, Anne 😀


  3. and and and…adding in the bike allows you to continue training your cardio without the impact of running! bonus ball!

  4. Some of my friends’ running times hit record personal lows while training for triathlons – I’d like to see if that extra cardio helps me too.

    Besides, it’s nice to get out there and do something different.


  5. Go girl go! I finally found a friend who wants to go swimming! Just might work. Probably once a week, but that is a start. I am so proud of my daughter for getting out there regularly. XOXOX


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