Posted by: Karen | May 9, 2009

Weekend Run Done

This morning after toodling around online and chatting a long time on the phone, I donned running gear. Little Runner had been out riding her new bike in the crescent and asked where I would be running. Around home, I told her. “Can I come on my bike?” she immediately asked. Well, of course!

We dipsy-doodled all over our neighbourhood for about 45 minutes. Whenever we got to an intersection, whoever got there first got to decide whether we’d go right, left or straight. It was hard keeping up with her – she’s getting very comfortable on that bike. She actually went out of her way to go over bumps. I think she’s going to make a very good mountain biker.

We went through gravel alleys, on paved and dirt pathways, over hills, on streets and sidewalks, and found passages I hadn’t known about after almost 4 years of running here. We saw whole hillsides of wild crocuses. Some were fading to brown, but I saw some bright yellow buttercups, dandelions and buffalo beans budding out to keep the flower cheer going.

It was overcast out and we felt a few raindrops, but didn’t get wet.

Towards the end we stopped by the 7 11 and LR picked out a few gummies before we finished the last km to home.

I’m looking forward to a bike ride later this weekend.



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