Posted by: Karen | May 4, 2009

Every time I start over…

… I get a little better at it, especially when the start-overs happen closer and closer together.

Last week I got back in the pool to do some laps and this week I did it again. Last Monday I joined Liesbeth and swam for about 40 minutes, off and on. tonight I was in the pool for an hour, with a few breaks of up to 5 minutes each.

I estimate the swim portion of the triathlon I’d like to do this summer might take me over an hour, so I’m working up to that kind of swim stamina by August.

I’m starting to feel more comfortable doing the crawl than the breast stroke, which is a cool thing. Tonight I was able to do some laps breathing bilaterally, another cool thing.

Sunday mornings I’ve been taking Little Runner to the pool too. Little by little, she is relaxing and starting to trust her own buoyancy in the water.

Yesterday I  changed the back tire on Stretch all by myself. Well, mostly. When I got stuck at one point I looked up a how-to on Youtube and then went and finished it. I got bike grease all over my hands and elbows (I don’t know how it got on my elbows – elbow grease?), but tonight’s swim took care of the stuff I couldn’t scrub off.

I haven’t actually ridden outside yet this year. Looking forward to that.

I have been running lately, although I’m feeling slow and heavy more than I’d like. I took way too much time off this winter in between XC races. Tuesdays at lunch I’ve been getting to know the Start Line group. It’s fun keeping them company and they are improving steadily every week. Thursdays I’m starting to show up in the vicinity of the 10k group. I say “in the vicinity”, because I’m having a hard time getting there by 6:30 and besides, I’m not keeping up with them very well. It keeps me humble, eh.

I haven’t been doing much weekend running. I should make a “no Youtube or social media until the weekend run is done” rule. That might help.

Knitting v.s. Twitting:
I’m still on the same stripey mitten I started knitting a couple of weekends ago, mostly because I recently signed on to twitter and have been finding tweeters to follow, like Mike Massimo and Canada Cool. Twittering is fun, but it doesn’t produce handmade gifts and I can’t wear the results in cold weather. I’ll finish the mittens eventually.



  1. I’m sorry I was not able to join you at the pool (chiropractor at 6.30, gum transplants earlier that afternoon, did not feel very lively, all drugged up). I am happy to hear you have decided on a (big) race in august, you’ll motivate me again!
    See you, Liesbeth.
    PS> Yesterday I also wrote a comment about your bike repairing. It is really cool to do that stuff yourself, I used to do that too and loved it. But something went wrong publishing the comment (gggrrrrrrrr) and I did not have enough patience to write it a second time.

  2. You are finding the time to accomplish lots! You excel in time management skills!

    I find this time of year there seems to be so much more I want to get outside and do and not the time to fit it all in.

    As you, I have not been outside on my bike yet this year!

    Thank you for the suggestion about orienteering a while back, I am off to explore that this evening at Edworthy!


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